Telephone Number 024 7671 6222
Telephone Number 024 7671 6222

Home in Stone is a family run business providing quality and beauty in your home.  The owner, Stephen Hill, has been a stonemason for 42 years during which time he has undertaken countless stone projects using a variety of materials; granite, quartz, sandstone, limestone, marble and slate.


With a wealth of experience brings an ability to work on material to ensure the your completed project is a the perfect statement to enhance your kitchen, dining room, hallway, bathroom, shower room or garden.  The attention to detail by Stephen and his staff will create your perfect worktop, windowsill, table top or shelving with a service right through from planning to fitting.  New projects recently completed have included quartz and granite panelling to shower and bathrooms.


Granite is an igneous rock formed from cooling magma and comes in a variety of colours.  As a natural material, it enables you to have a unique look in your home which will long outlast other manmade products that we have all settled for in the past.  A high glassy polished finish can be applied making the worktop easily maintained and scratch resistant which, in addition to making the material extremely tactile, it is also very hygenic and a popular choice for kitchen worktops or anywhere in the home.  Using our specialised cutting and polishing equipment allows worktops to have a sweeping effect through the kitchen.  In a narrow kitchen, corners and edges can be shaped to ensure space is maximised whilst in a larger kitchen, a granite island worktop becomes a focal point for all dinner guests.


Along with the attractive colours of Granite, we are also working more in Quartz due to its strong qualities in a  thinner material.  Quartz, as with Granite can be cut and polished to achieve sweeping curves.  Being a manmade material means that the colour can be a vibrant red or striking yellow but is also available in subtle shades of grey with mirror fleck particles to give it a twinkle under artificial light and many other colours from the spectrum.

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